Technical Notice

Earning and redeeming Skybucks are not eligible for the 4Z8000 flight range. More Details

Enjoy Great Benefits with Skybucks

Skybucks, the loyalty programme of Airlink brings you a world of privileges and rewards. You will receive the Skybucks Blue card as the entry level of membership. With regular travel, you can move up to various tiers such as Red and Emerald.

 Earn up to*
Earn up to*1%3%5%
 Priority Check-in
Priority Check-in-
 Priority Boarding
Priority Boarding-
 Fast Track Service Lane
Fast Track Service Lane--
 Priority Baggage
Priority Baggage-
 Lounge Access
Lounge Access (subject to availability)-
 CComplimentary business Upgrades (subject to availability)
Complimentary Business Upgrades (subject to availability)-
 Complimentary Additional Baggage
Complimentary Additional Baggage-5kg's
 Dedicated Call Centre
Dedicated Call Centre-


Programme Benefits

Make the most of every Airlink flight with the Skybucks programme benefits


Family Pooling

Skybucks family pooling enables a group of up to 8 members. Includes 1 beneficiary and 7 contributors. Great for families to share rewards when travelling.


Extend Validity

Skybucks remain valid for up to 18 months with no flight activity. The validity can be extended simply by flying again on Airlink.



Flexible Payment

Skybucks is a form of payment, and customers can choose to make part payment for bookings in Skybucks and settle the remainder of the payment in cash. T&C's apply.


Transfer Rewards

Skybucks members can transfer their rewards. All members have the ability to transfer Skybucks to other members. T&C's apply.



Retro Claim

As a Skybucks member you will have the ability to retro-claim for their past trips up to 90 days.

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