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Black Tier Membership Benefits

When you fly with Airlink, you'll have more to look forward to in addition to accumulating Skybucks for your flight. If you require assistance, kindly contact [email protected].

  • Earn Skybucks

    Earn Rate

    5% earn rate off the Base Fare & YQ Taxes

  • Priority Check-in

    Priority Check-in

    Enjoy priority check-in for your next flight.

  • Priority Boarding

    Priority Boarding

    Enjoy priority boarding at no additional cost.

  • Priority Baggage

    Priority Baggage

    Enjoy priority baggage at no additional cost.

  • Complimentary Lounge Access

    Lounge Access

    SLOW or Bidvest lounge access(where SLOW is not available).

  • Complimentary Upgrades

    Complimentary Upgrades

    Enjoy complimentary upgrades

  • Additional Baggage

    Additional Baggage

    Extra 10kg baggage allowance at no additional cost.

  • Dedicated Call Centre

    Dedicated Call Centre

    Dedicated call centre number to help you with you needs.

  • Complimentary Pre-seating

    Complimentary Pre-seating

    Enjoy pre-seating at no additional cost.

  • Fast Track Service Lane

    Fast Track Service Lane

    Skip long queue's with a Fast Track pass you can go straight to your gate.


Programme Benefits

Make the most of every Airlink flight with the Skybucks programme benefits


Family Pooling

Skybucks family pooling enables a group of up to 8 members. Includes 1 beneficiary and 7 contributors. Great for families to share rewards when travelling.


Extend Validity

Skybucks remain valid for up to 18 months with no flight activity. The validity can be extended simply by flying again on Airlink.



Flexible Payment

Skybucks is a form of payment, and customers can choose to make part payment for bookings in Skybucks and settle the remainder of the payment in cash. T&C's apply.


Transfer Rewards

Skybucks members can transfer their rewards. All members have the ability to transfer Skybucks to other members. T&C's apply.



Retro Claim

As a Skybucks member you will have the ability to retro-claim for their past trips up to 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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