Technical Notice

Earning and redeeming Skybucks are not eligible for the 4Z8000 flight range. More Details

How it Works

Airlink is excited to announce that its highly anticipated loyalty programme Skybucks officially launched. Skybucks will let members easily earn and spend loyalty points any time they fly with Airlink. Find out more on how Skybucks works


Earn Skybucks

Earn Skybucks on every Airlink flight.


Redeem Skybucks

Easy to transact, easy to understand.


Move up Tiers

Enjoy complimentary benefits.

How to Spend/Redeem Skybucks

Spending Skybucks is just as easy as earning them. When you purchase a ticket and choose your payment method, you will see the option to use your Skybucks balance to cover part of the cost.

Simply select this option, and you can pay the remainder of your ticket’s cost using the various other payment types offered by Airlink.

This applies to all Airlink flight bookings – meaning you won’t have to search the Airlink website to find specific discounted flights.

Additionally, if you have flown prior to the launch of Skybucks, hold onto your ticket details - when you sign-up, you can retroactively claim for Skybucks earned on any Airlink flight that took place within 90 days of your enrolment date.